🚀Earn 110% Stellar Points with EraLend & OKX Wallet

3 min readJul 24, 2023

EraLend X OKX Cryptopedia

We're thrilled to announce that EraLend will participate in the upcoming Cryptopedia event hosted by OKX Wallet. To show our commitment and appreciation to the OKX user community, we're introducing a Stellar Point Special BUFF for users who complete our quest in the Cryptopedia event.

Here's how it works:

  1. Participate in the Cryptopedia event and complete the task of supplying an amount of liquidity on EraLend.
  2. By doing so, you'll be eligible for our Stellar Point Program, where users earn Stellar Points by supplying a certain amount of liquidity and maintaining it for a certain number of days.
  3. As a bonus, we're offering a Stellar Point Special BUFF.
  • For all users who participate in the EraLend Cryptopedia Quest, we’re offering a bonus of 5 Stellar Points as a base reward.
  • For users who also participate in our Stellar Program, we’re offering an additional 10% bonus on the Stellar Point during the EraLend Cryptopedia campaign.
  • The additional 10% bonus will be distributed either after the end of our Genesis Epoch or after the end of the EraLend Cryptopedia campaign, whichever comes first.

Who can join:

Users who participate in EraLend’s quest on OKX Wallet Cryptopedia and hold at least two OKX NFTs.

Campaign Period:

Starting from July 21st, 2023


Complete EraLend’s quest: Supply at least $10 worth of assets.

Campaign Rewards:

The Stellar Points will be automatically credited to the user’s account on EraLend on a weekly base. Users can check their Stellar Points balance on EraLend.

Terms and Conditions:

  • During the campaign period, each wallet address can only receive rewards once.
  • During the campaign, any illegal, fraudulent, suspicious, or dishonest activities will result in strict evaluation and disqualification from the campaign by EraLend and OKX Wallet.
  • EraLend and OKX Wallet reserve the right to interpret the terms and conditions of this event and reserve the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time.

Tutorial for participating in EraLend

1) Open the OKX App, select Wallet from the top toggle, then tap Discover at the bottom to enter the Cryptopedia — Learn to earn, tap zkSync Era, and tap Exploring trending DApps, and access EraLend section and tap Start now.

2) After being redirected to EraLend (https://app.eralend.com), click Connect Wallet to connect with OKX Wallet.

3) Scroll down and tap ETH, USDC, or SYNC USDC/WETH and input a qualified amount. Tap Supply and then Confirm.

4) Once it is completed, return to the EraLend section and tap Verify and claim the OKX NFT!

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EraLend Stellar Program: Join in, enjoy, and be rewarded

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EraLend is the first and #1 decentralized money market on zkSync.

As a community-centric lending protocol, Eralend strives to evolve as the paramount liquidity hub within the zkSync ecosystem. Our mission is not just to deliver a product, but to transcend existing solutions by offering an unrivaled blend of capital efficiency and security.


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