Nexon Finance Product Updates

2 min readJan 27, 2023

Originally published at on January 27, 2023.

GM Nexonians!

We hope you had a wonderful week!

We have some awesome product updates to share with you all. We are delighted to announce that our team has integrated some new features to our dApp to ensure the best-in-class UX for our users and further simplify the standard DeFi user experience.

Here’s a summary of our new features:

Position Tracking Dashboard

We know how important it is for a user to understand their current position with respect to different assets. This is why we’ve added the overview feature that allows you to track your lending & borrowing position on our dashboard from a single window.

Native $ETH Market Support

The Nexon dApp now supports transactions of the native Ethereum token, Ether. You can lend and borrow $ETH. This will help users avoid the unnecessary bridging or exchanging of their native assets for wrapped tokens and make it convenient for users to take advantage of all the features of the Nexon dApp.

Light Mode Support

We understand that every user has different preferences with respect to their choice of interface. This is why we’ve now added the LIGHT mode to our dApp. You can now change the interface setting by choosing your preference on the top right of the screen.

We are confident that these new features will further improve your DeFi experience at Nexon. Reach out to us on Discord for any doubts & questions, and we’ll get them resolved.

We shall be notifying more updates through our official handles.

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Originally published at on January 27, 2023.




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